Top 10 Best April Fools Pranks

April Fools Pranks
April Fools Day, the day where it is acceptable for pranks and to cause a little bit of chaos on your friends and family. It is only right to provide you with a list of great pranks that you should pull to truly get into the spirit of the holiday. From classic pranks to newer ones you will find these helpful and hilarious while also watching your victims drown in embarrassment or at least feel guilty that they fell for it.

10. Whoopee Cushion

To start this list off, we have to add one of the most iconic pranks of all time the Whoopee Cushion. A simple yet effective prank the whoopee cushion has stood the test of time and should be a “must have” in any pranksters bag of tricks. The set up is simple, have your target unknowingly sit on the Whoopee Cushion so the air squeezes out making look as they have accidentally passed gas, which to be honest could be the most embarrassing moment of someone’s life. The surprise on their face will be enough to satisfy any prankers needs.

9. Scare Prank

A fairly simple prank thank anyone can pull. What is the prank? Jump out and scare a person. “Why is this on a Top 10 Pranks list? Does this even count as a prank?” you might ask, well if your goal is to scare a person easily this is the one for you.  Out of all the pranking possibilities this one requires next to nothing, only a hiding spot, and your voice (preferably a loud one). All that is needed from you is to hide in a place either behind a door, around a corner, under a bed if you could. Wait for your victim to come close and jump out and yell, it’s that simple! This prank is excellent because of the success rate. You will almost always scare the person and almost always feel accomplished doing it.


8. Poo Hand

A personal favorite the “Poo Hand” is an entertaining one to watch and possibly even more fun to do. Have you ever been in the bathroom in your house and realize “Oh no there is no toilet paper!” well now you can use that to your advantage. All you need is any type of chocolate, chocolate bar or syrup will do just fine. You want to rub those on your hands, you will get a little messy but it will be worth it. When that is done you want to call your victim to get you toilet paper. When they do and open the door up to give you it, rub the chocolate on their hands while you grab it. The result is your friend grossed out thinking there is poo on them and you hysterically laughing.

7. Wake Up Prank

This next one might require some cleanup afterward but is a great prank that someone must do at least once in their life. You need to wait for someone to fall asleep so you might need some patience. For the first one wait until they finally fall asleep you going to want to fill up a bucket of water, or a cup if you don’t want to clean up a huge mess. Sneak up on them when they are sleeping. This is the most important part because if they wake up its all over. Then quickly throw the water in their face, so they wake up to a not so pleasant and wet surprise. You can also do this prank with shaving cream. Put some of it on their face and hands then try to tickle their face. The result will be a  person cover in shaving cream and confusion.

6. Baby Powder Blow Dryer

Another messy prank on our list the “Baby Powered Blow Dryer” is a fun prank that is sure to surprise and probably anger any victim especially is they are in a hurry to leave. What you will need is like the name suggests Baby Powder and a blowdryer. All you need to do is pour the powder into the blowdryer, and suddenly you have a ready-made pranking weapon. Wait for the victim to use the dryer and boom, Baby Powder to the face. You may have a messy bathroom but you will have a great prank to talk about.


5. Shaving Cream Tooth Paste

Anyone who has ever accidentally gotten shaving cream in their mouth will tell you that it does not taste delicious. Well, that is the basis for this next prank. The prankster will want to grab a tube of toothpaste (preferably the one the victim uses often) and empty out the toothpaste. After that is done, you are going to want and fill the toothpaste tube back up with shaving cream. It works best if the toothpaste and shaving cream are the same color. Also, it works if the shaving cream is the gel type, so it is more convincing. Now, wait until the next time your victim goes to brush his teeth and enjoy what follows which is usually them spitting and quickly wasting their mouth out in confusion.

4. Carrot TV Batteries

When your television remote does not work, it can be the most frustrating things in the entire world. Now imagine using that frustration in a prank. What you will need is a bag of baby carrots and all the television remotes in your house. You are going to want to replace the batteries in the remotes with the baby carrots, and yes all of them. If you only replace one, it is funny, yes, but doing all of them is frustrating for them but quite hilarious to you as you watch their confusion and anger about what is happening.

3. Tooth Paste Oreos

Oreos are hard to resist let’s face it. They are way too delicious not to eat! For this prank, you will need a box of Oreos and some toothpaste. It is quite an easy prank as in all you need to do is open up the Oreos scrape out the filling and pour toothpaste into them and sticking them back together. Next, you want to leave your new Oreos out where your victim will be able to see them. Wait for them to pick it up and watch the disgust on their face, priceless!


2.Cover The Car

A classic prank for years this prank will require a lot of time and a lot of Post-Its or Saran Wrap. A fairly simple prank but time-consuming. First, the prankster goal is to cover the unsuspecting victim’s car in little Post-It notes. If you want to get creative, you could get all different colored ones to where the car could look like a real pranksters masterpiece. If you don’t want to buy the Post-Its, Saran Wrap is also a great alternative. The idea is the same, to cover the car as much as possible.  Since you will need time, you should wait until they are at work, so you have the time to do so. Wait until the end of the workday to see the results of your hard work.

1. The Jello Prank.

A prank that always puts smiles on peoples faces is the “Jello Prank”. This prank requires some time also and cooking ingredients but nothing that is to difficult. If you enjoy watching your friends struggle than this last prank is for you. You are going to want to take any important item of your victims, a wallet or keys would work and place it inside a bowl of jello. When your victims are searching for these items, you’re going to watch to serve them their plate and watch their face when they have realized what has happened.

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