Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth 2023: How Much Money Is Schwarzenegger Worth?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, born on July 30, 1947, is an Austrian-American actor, producer, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011. His breakthrough film role was in the was the epic action film Conan the Barbarian in 1982.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth 2019: $400 million

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian-American bodybuilder, model, actor, businessman, and former Governor of California, has a reported estimated net worth of $400 million.


– Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the United States in September 1968 at the age of 21 years old.
– In 1970, Schwarzenegger became the youngest ever Mr. Olympia at the age of 23.
– Schwarzenegger made his film debut as Hercules in 1970’s Hercules in New York. His second film appearance was as a deaf-mute mob hitman in The Long Goodbye in 1973.
– His breakthrough role was the sword-and-sorcery epic Conan the Barbarian in 1982. The sequel, Conan the Destroyer, was released in 1984.
– Schwarzenegger became a naturalized U.S. citizen on September 17, 1983.
– He went on to star in many action films throughout the 1980’s, such as such as Commando (1985), Raw Deal (1986), The Running Man (1987), Predator (1987), and Red Heat (1988).


– In 1990, he starred in the financially successful Total Recall.
– In 1991, Schwarzenegger’s appeared in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
– Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy in the 2003 California recall election for Governor of California on August 6, 2003, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
– On October 7, 2003, the recall election resulted in Governor Gray Davis being removed from office with 55.4% of the Yes vote in favor of a recall. Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California under the second question on the ballot with 48.6% of the vote to choose a successor to Davis.
– Schwarzenegger ran for re-election against Democrat Phil Angelides, the California State Treasurer, in the 2006 elections, held on November 7, 2006. Despite a poor year nationally for the Republican party, Schwarzenegger won re-election with 56.0% of the vote


– Although he began his tenure as governor with record high approval ratings (as high as 89% in December 2003), he left office in 2011 with a record low 23%.
– On March 29, 2018, Schwarzenegger had an emergency open-heart surgery after a failed valve replacement procedure.


Arnold Schwarzenegger gushes about son Joseph Baena with Mario Lopez on “Extra” as he is carrying on his legacy as a bodybuilder.

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