How Will The Avengers Defeat Thanos? His Daughters May Be The Key.

While The Avengers might be taking heavy losses in the upcoming film Infinity War, in theaters April 27, 2018, it’s important to remember there will be an Infinity War sequel coming out a year later to pick up the pieces. By now it’s been made clear Thanos is physically and mentally impervious to infiltration. However, everyone has a weakness… exploiting the Mad Titan’s can prove to be as damaging as a fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet.

The Power of Family

This is a common theme Marvel loves to use and for a good reason. The unification of strangers coming together to become parts of a greater whole: a family. It was no accident including this shot of Thanos taking a young Gamora from her homeworld by the hand, almost as if he believes to be saving her, most likely right before his soldiers began the slaughter of every other inhabitant on the planet.
It’s common knowledge Gamora is by far the favorite child of her adoptive father Thanos, even her sister Nebula goes so far as trying to kill her (several times) out of spite for the torture Thanos did to her for not being as strong as Gamora. Even when Thanos was made aware that Gamora was planning on selling the power stone she was instructed to retrieve, he blamed her change of heart entirely on Ronan claiming he alienated his favorite daughter, not once believing she would do something to disappoint her father or cause him any harm.
Check out this eerie Logan style poster by BossLogic now the profile image for the Russo Brothers twitter page, if that doesn’t give you a significant clue:

A Telling Point of View

In a recent interview, Joe Russo told Fandango: “(The movie’s) point of view is Thanos’ point of view, so it’s a villain driving the narrative… I think you could argue, too, that a lot of the film is told from the point of view of Gamora, and I think she has a really interesting arc in the movie.”
If Thanos is the narrator of this tale, this brings us deeper into his state of mind. Apart from being an omnipotent alien who finds harmony and balance by destroying half of the universe, he also sees himself as a father. Marvel understands how to handle family conflict and rage (see Captain America: The Winter Soldier) which is why the Russo Brothers are the perfect guys to handle this project.
To what lengths will Thanos go to win his favorite daughter back to his side once he realizes the depths of her indifference toward him? This is a fascinating way to tell the Infinity War story, seeing the Avengers through Thanos’ eyes, but even more interesting will be the way he sees his children… and in turn, how he is forced to see himself once he learns of what they think about dear ol’ dad!

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