Tyler Seguin Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Tyler Worth?

Tyler Seguin is one of the most talented Canadian NHL players in the game today, with one Stanley Cup and four NHL All-Star games under his belt He accomplished all of these goals before finishing out his 20s! But how did this hockey superstar reach this level of notoriety? Just how much money has this bachelor made so far?

Tyler Seguin Net Worth As of 2019: $10.1 Million

How did Tyler earn this much cash? Let’s take a look below and find out:

Early Life: 1992-2009


Tyler Seguin was born January 31st, 1992 in Brampton, ON, Canada. His parents Jackie and Paul Seguin were avid ice hockey enthusiasts. Seguin grew up in a home where hockey was religion. Both his younger sisters, Candace and Cassidy played hockey as well as his parents when they were in college. Tyler Seguin went on to attend St. Michael’s College School in Toronto before being drafted by the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL.

The NHL: 2010-Present


On June 25th, 2010 Tyler Seguin was drafted by the Boston Bruins. He signed his entry-level contract with the Boston Bruins on August 3rd, 2010. Seguin’s NHL debut game was on October 9, 2010, against the Phoenix Coyotes. Seguin scored the first goal of his NHL career on October 10, also against Phoenix. That same year Seguin took part in his first official NHL All-Stars game as well. He participated in the Rookie Skills Competition.
In 2011 Seguin won his first Stanley Cup playing with the Boston Bruins. In July of 2013, Tyler Seguin was traded to the Dallas Stars. This would prove to be a breakthrough move for Seguin’s hockey career. This trade decision ultimately led him to the position he is in today, as assistant captain of the Dallas Stars.
In 2015 Seguin graced us with his fantastic physique when he appeared in ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue. He sported only a rubber ducky, inspiring men and flustering women everywhere. He made that issue a hit, showing off not just his moves on the ice but in front of the camera as well. Tyler also is quite the fashion mogul, starting his own t-shirt and hat line for men and women. Seguin has even entwined this business with his Charity Seguin’s Stars, in which part of the profit from his line goes to the Dallas Stars Foundation as well as his own charity organization.
Tyler Seguin has made it his mission to give back. One of his best friends suffered a severe spinal cord injury back in December of 2012. This inspired Seguin to start his charity Seguin’s Stars. This charity gives people suffering from spinal cord injuries similar to Seguin’s best friend the Dallas Stars hockey VIP treatment. This includes club seats, autographs, Dallas Stars memorabilia and of course a meet-and-greet with the founder himself Tyler Seguin.
This sport was never about the money for Tyler, it’s always been about the love of the game and the feeling of his blades on freshly Zamboni-ed ice. Hockey runs in Tyler Seguin’s blood.













Tyler Seguin gave the perfect response to CEO Jim Lites’s public insult with his progressive performance.

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