Wendy Williams Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Wendy Worth?

How you doin’? Wendy Williams is a media personality that has worn many hats; best known for hosting her own television show, she has also been an actress, a writer, and even a decorated former radio personality. Let’s take a look at her career over the years, starting with her net worth!

Wendy Williams Net Worth As Of 2019: $60 Million

Wendy Williams’ net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. Let’s take a look at her career over the years just to see how she came so far.

The Early Years


Williams was born and raised in Ocean Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, going on to attend Ocean Township High School and Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating with a B.A. in communications, also working as a college radio DJ, a role that would reflect the early stages of her career. Williams had her first professional job in radio while working for WVIS in the United States Virgin Islands. Less than a year later, she switched to the Washington, D.C.-based station WOL, having to commute from Queens, New York, where she also worked a midnight shift at WQHT.



In 1989, Williams worked at WRKS in New York City, initially as a substitute disc jockey, but eventually proved herself enough to be hired full-time for the station’s morning show. For her work, in 1993, she won the Billboard Award for “Best On-Air Radio Personality.” Leaving the station in 1998, Williams was hired by WUSL, a station based in Philadelphia, with her husband, Kevin Hunter, serving as her agent.



In 2001, Williams made her return to New York when she was hired full-time by WBLS. By 2008, she eventually became syndicated throughout the United States, from California to Louisiana. For her efforts, she was eventually conducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. However, by 2009, she left the station to focus on a new avenue: television, having been offered her own talk show on television in the summer of 2008. Within the following years, the show was picked up by Fox and BET, helping to air the show, not only throughout the country but also internationally.



In 2011, she flirted with an acting career, appearing in the soap opera, One Life to Live. and the Steve Harvey film, Think Like a Man, the following year, as well as its 2014 sequel. Around this time, she even became a game show host for GNS, in a show called Love Triangle, where she also served as an executive producer. In 2015, she also hosted the documentary series Death By Gossip with Wendy Williams. Breaking into the world of fashion design, she also developed a line of clothing for everyday women in a partnership with the Home Shopping Network; partnering with QVC, she also developed her own line of jewelry line called Adorn.


All the while, Williams has continuously hosted her talk show, only missing a show in February 2018, announcing it would go on hiatus due to health-related issues. By late March, she announced that she would be returning to the show.


In a statement with People, Williams said issued the following statement on her health:

“I feel a hundred percent better than I was a few months ago. I had a storm going in my body is the best way I can explain it…”
















Wendy Williams is taking ‘extended break’ of three weeks from talk show due to Graves’ disease complications and Nick Cannon will be covering for her.

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