NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2018: The 2nd Seeds

Although there may be some individuals that consider any second-seeded teams as being a tier below the first seeds from a competitive standpoint, they could not be more wrong this season. To be frank, any of these teams have the potential to be considered the top programs in college basketball as they have the exceptional athletes and impressive wins to make a strong case for themselves to be regarded as such. Nevertheless, there are only so many teams that can be inducted into the top seeds of March Madness and as a result, some programs have to be relegated to slightly lesser yet still coveted spots as the second seeds in the tournament. When any of the following programs are playing at a high level and to their intimidating strengths, they have the potential to both make it to and win the National Title regardless of who their final opponent may be

South Region:
1. Cincinnati Bearcats

Unlike the Virginia Cavaliers, the Bearcats are capable of scoring more than 70 points per game while also having an elite defense that is physically fierce (57.3 PAPG). Although the Bearcats are not known as a three-point shooting team, Jacob Evans (40.4 3P%, 4.5 RPG) and Gary Clark (44.2 3P%, 8.2 RPG) are capable of providing both outside shooting accuracy while garnering rebounds to give their relentlessly physical teammates multiple chances to score consistently.

West Region:
1. Purdue Boilermakers

At their best, the Boilermakers are one of the most dynamically competitive teams on both offense (81.1 PPG) and defense (65.6 PAPG). With both Carsen Edwards (18.5 PPG, 41.2 3P%) and Vincent Edwards (14.5 PPG, 47.1 FG%, 39.2 3P%) being the Boilermakers deadly outside shooters, big man Issac Hayes gives his program a dominant inside presence as he can effectively score in the paint (62.1 FG%) while using his immense size to garner rebounds off of the glass (5.6 RPG).

East Region:
1. North Carolina Tar Heels

Arguably the best all-around offensive program in college basketball (82.8 PPG, 42.9 RPG, 18.2 RPG), the Tar Heels will only be victimized in the NCAA Tournament if their porous defense becomes a serious liability (73.3 PAPG). If the Tar Heels can be just slightly better when it comes to taking perimeter shots (36.5 3P%) they may be able to score enough points to overcome a defense that lacks physicality and intimidation.

Midwest Region:
1. Xavier Musketeers

Similar to the Tar Heels, the Musketeers have a dynamically dominant offense that is at times held back by an atrocious defense particularly down the stretch of competitive contests (74.5 PAPG). However, it’s difficult to argue with the Musketeers supreme accuracy when it comes to shooting from the field (49.5 FG%) and from the free throw line (78.6 FT%). If the Musketeers can be a bit more disciplined when it comes to taking care of the basketball (13 RPG), they have everything else on offense needed to outshoot anyone they may face in the tournament.

NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2018: The 3rd Seeds
NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2018: The 3rd Seeds
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