KU's SAE Shut Down Due To Multiple Code of Conduct Violations

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (known as SAE) at the University of Kansas has been shut down due to multiple health and safety violations. The fraternity failed to meet its national organization’s guidelines.
On Thursday, March 8, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon national organization announced that the KU  chapter would be shut down. The chapter had been at the university for 115 years at the university.
While SAE’s press release did not disclose what specifically led to the chapter’s closure, they did state that all of the current members have been suspended indefinitely. Furthermore, the KU chapter will remain closed for no less than four years, and/or until the last current members have graduated or left the university.
The SAE national headquarters released a statement:

“The loss of this group is unfortunate, but suspensions are a critical reminder that adherence to risk management policies and educational programming are crucial to Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s future. When incidents take place that fail to do so, they affect the entire organization and counteract the importance of our values,” the statement rad.

This is the fourth University of Kanas fraternity shut down since the start of 2018.
This is the latest major fraternity suspension or closure in the last year, as schools such as Indiana University, the University of MichiganOhio State University, Texas State, Florida State, Ball State, Louisiana State and Penn State have all suspended fraternities in the wake of hazing and alcohol deaths.

Sigma Phi Epsilon At The University of Missouri Under Investigation For Assault
Sigma Phi Epsilon At The University of Missouri Under Investigation For Assault
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