NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2018: The 5th Seeds

For any team that is considered a top-five seed or better, it’s fairly safe to assume that they are amongst some of the more exceptional programs that exist in this wildly unpredictable sport. However, irrespective of what given ranking a team is considered, they still have to run through a difficult gauntlet of embittered programs that are looking to prove that they were disrespected by the committee that seeded them initially. Ultimately, better seeding only serves as a brief buffer from facing the best of the best in college basketball, which could be detrimental to pretenders that are ill-prepared to take on a grueling tournament format. However, the following four programs have proven time and again that they are capable of not only beating elite competition but that they can do it consistently in high-pressure situations. Considering how wide open this season has been from a competitive standpoint, any one of these teams could very well compete for and win a National Title.

South Region:
1. Ohio State Buckeyes

Although losing a defensive grudge match to the Nittany Lions early on in the Big Ten Tournament did not help the Buckeyes from a seeding perspective, this is still a program that can match up with even the most physically domineering teams in college basketball (66.7 PAPG). If the Buckeyes can be a bit more clutch when shooting perimeter shots (35.3 3P%), they could be one of the scrappier and more successful teams in the NCAA Tournament.

West Region:
1. Arizona Wildcats

When Deandre Ayton and Allonzo Trier are on the floor, the Wildcats have an elite roster that could very well win a National Title when all is said and done. As a whole though, this team is incredibly efficient when shooting from the field (51 FG%) and are extremely clutch when shooting from the free throw line (76.4 FT%). If the Wildcats can cut done on the turnovers (13 TPG), they are clearly set up to go far in the tournament.

East Region:
1. Clemson Tigers

As great and resilient as the Tigers have been defensively this season (65.3 PAPG), their offense has been wildly inconsistent, especially against some of the more elite defenses in college basketball. For the Tigers to advance far in the tournament, they need to be a bit more tenacious at garnering rebounds off of the glass (35.5 RPG) if they hope to elevate their play offensively.

Midwest Region:
1. Gonzaga Bulldogs

Statistically, the Bulldogs have posted some of the best team numbers in college basketball this season. Averaging 84.5 points and 39.9 rebounds per game, the Bulldogs have the sizeable athletes that can get to the basket and score while playing the offensive glass effectively to garner themselves extra opportunities. Unless the Bulldogs have a meltdown during the tournament, there is no reason why this team could not make it to their second consecutive National Title game.

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