UCF Sigma Pi Suspended After Pledges Cause An Evacuation By Attempting To "LeBron James"

The Sigma Pi fraternity chapter at University of Central Florida has been suspended after a stunt performed by pledges caused a building to be evacuated.  The evacuation lasted longer than an hour.
According to UCF, two Sigma Pi fraternity pledges entered a classroom in the Business Administration 1 building about 10:30 a.m. local time on Wednesday, February 28.  One of the pledges wearing a Miami Heat Lebron James jersey tossed white powder in the air. The police report states that the student stood up in class and shouted, “I’m taking my talents to South Beach!”
Reports indicate that the prank carried out by the pledges was a tradition of the Sigma Pi fraternity that had been completed by other “brothers” in the past. It was also uncovered that members of the Sigma Pi leadership had coached the pledges into being deceitful in their interviews with law enforcement officers.
The white substance was later revealed to be baby powder.

via Orlando Sentinel:

According to the report, the powder landed on several students in the classroom. The second pledge was recording the powder toss with his phone, investigators said. Both young men fled the classroom.
“None of the students or the professor knew these individuals or what was happening,” the report said.
The building — a major classroom building at UCF, which houses the university’s accounting and finance departments, among other programs — was evacuated as police and hazmat crews investigated. Testing determined the powder wasn’t dangerous.

According to the university’s police department, the names of the two UCF students involved were redacted due to FERPA.

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