Let's All Laugh At Isaiah Thomas Absolutely Blowing A Game For The Lakers

Before we begin, I would just like to kindly remind everyone that Isaiah Thomas is the same dude who thinks he’s worth a maximum contract and tried to alpha LeBron in Cleveland.
Everyone remember that as they watch the following video.


Down three to Portland with 7.4 seconds to play, Thomas was put on the line by his team to hit a technical foul shot to cut the Trail Blazers leaded to a manageable two points. However, his foul shot, just like his stature, came up short.
But even with the missed foul shot, the Lakers were still within three points of the Blazers while maintaining possession of the ball. So what do they do? They draw up a game-tying shot for Thomas, but not only did IT miss the shot, he didn’t even got the shot off, as Shabazz Napier was able to easily strip the 5′ 8″ point guard.
As I’ve said a couple times this season, I don’t think I’ve seen a player have such a drastic fall from grace. Last season, IT was a legit MVP candidate on the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Now? Now he’s coming off the bench for a lottery team, backing up Lavar Ball’s kid with the broken jump shot.

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