Watch A Red-Faced Roger Goodell Run The 40-Yard Dash At Work

Despite what it looks like, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn’t running from anyone. Nor was he hightailing it to the nearest dive after hearing about another off the field issue. This hallway sprint was the Commish’s response to NFL Network host, Rich Eisen, after calling him out during the combine.
Eisen, who has run a 40-yard dash in a suit and tie at the combine every year since 2005, wondered if the 59-year-old Commissioner would join him this year. Roger accepted and said he would run his dash down the hallway on the fifth floor of the league’s New York City headquarters. The result was an impressive 5.41 – far better than Eisen’s personal best of 5.94.

Eisen turned his annual sprint into a charitable campaign to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Using the hashtag #RunRichRun, Eisen’s dash has raised over $300,000. Hopefully, Roger’s contribution will also help raise awareness for the great cause.
*Also, worth noting that Goodell ran faster than Orlando Brown. He’s the OT who was projected to go second in his position before the combine happened…

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