James Eric Davis Jr. Family: Full Story Of CMU Shooter And Victims



According to CBS and the Detroit Free Press, James Eric Davis Jr. shot and killed his parents early Friday morning on Central Michigan’s campus.

At a press conference held around 12 PM ET, law enforcement officials confirmed that James Eric Davis Jr., 19, shot and killed two people around 8:30 AM local time. Lieutenant Larry Klaus of the CMU PD confirmed that the incident took place in Campbell Hall. He does not know how many weapons were involved.
Klaus believes the situation involved a domestic dispute, calling it “a domestic type family issue”. However, he would not yet confirm if the victims were Davis Jr.’s parents. Central Michigan University police, Mt. Pleasant Police, Sherriff’s Office, Michigan State Police, and FBI are assisting in the search.
Davis Jr. was reportedly released from the Mclaren-Central Michigan due to a drug-related incident this morning. Klaus said that Davis Jr. was taken to the hospital by police on Thursday night. He was believed to have had an “overdose or bad reaction to the drugs.”
via City of Mt. Pleasant Twitter

James Eric Davis Jr. is listed as a sophomore in CMU’s student directory. He is a black male, 19 years old, 5’10” and 135 pounds.
Central Michigan University is on lockdown and shelter in place. All students, staff, and others on campus have been asked to take shelter. As the suspect remains at large, officials advise all in the area to remain inside, and if you see something suspicious call 911.
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James Eric Davis Jr.: Full Story of Central Michigan Shooter
James Eric Davis Jr.: Full Story of Central Michigan Shooter
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