J.R Smith Was Suspended From Thursday's Game Because He, Wait For It, Threw Soup At A Coach

Regardless of how you feel about J.R Smith as a player, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: he is quite possibly the most entertaining player off the court.
On March 1st, Smith was sat down for the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Philadelphia 76ers for an unknown reason. It was reported by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on March 2nd that Smith was sat down because he got into an altercation with Cavaliers assistant coach Damon Jones. Smith, for some reason, decided to chuck a bowl of soup at Jones.
You could have given me a million guesses on why Smith was suspended and “throws a bowl of soup at assistant coach” would have probably been 999,991st on the list. It is just such an absurd story that with any other player it would probably wouldn’t be believed, but with J.R it’s a completely reasonable scenario.
Now I know what you’re probably thinking: what kind of soup was it? Chicken Noodle? Minestrone? Beef Stew? A chowder of some sort? As of now, there are no confirmed reports of the type of soup but stay tuned for possible confirmation.
Smith was only suspended for the one game, so he’ll most likely be back with the team for their next game against the Denver Nuggets.
Twitter had an absolute field day with this news:



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