University of Miami Sorority (?!?) Suspended For Hazing

You know how when you learn a word for the first time — a word you’ve never heard before — you start hearing it everywhere all of a sudden? Well people, you’re seeing that principle unfold right in front of you, except instead of a new word constantly popping up in your world, it’s sorority girls hazing the shit out of each other.
#TBT to me, approximately three hours ago:

I’ve written a lot of articles about a lot of Greek Life organizations getting suspended for hazing over the years, but rarely, if ever, was it about a sorority.
Yes, we all know sororities haze pledges the same way that girls haze each other in regular life (mentally, emotionally, etc), but I don’t think I’ve ever written about an example extreme enough that it actually got the sorority suspended. I’m kind of like … a little impressed?

So, after working for COED for about two and a half years, posting almost 5000 articles, not a single one of them was about a sorority getting suspended. Today, I’ve written two.
via ABC 10:

“The University of Miami Dean of Students Office received a report alleging that members of the Delta Gamma Fraternity were involved in events that are in violation of the university’s alcohol and hazing policies,” the university told Local 10 News in a statement. “Given the very serious allegations and the university’s zero tolerance for hazing, the Delta Gamma chapter was issued a cease operations order. A thorough investigation will be conducted by the Dean of Students Office to determine if the organization and/or individual members violated any university policies. Anyone or any organization found responsible for violating any policies will be held accountable.”
UM did not elaborate on the alleged hazing, but the student newspaper, citing sources, reports that the “cease operations order” comes after videos were posted on social media showing the alleged hazing. Those videos were later sent to administrators.
The Miami Hurricane report includes an email from Delta Gamma President Emily Gerstein in which she said all operations, including recruitment, meetings and social activities, must end “effective immediately.”

Maybe I’m a little too woke on this one, but I bet while universities have spent all these years demonizing fraternities, sororities have been systematically dominating their pledges.
Sure, a fraternity will make their pledges do thousands of pushups (among other things), but a sorority will emotionally and mentally dismantle their pledges piece by piece. As our boy Dave Chappelle once said, that’s some cold-blooded shit.
And while you’re here, I mean, sheeeeeeesh:

University Of Pittsburgh Sorority (?!) Suspended For Hazing
University Of Pittsburgh Sorority (?!) Suspended For Hazing
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