Drake's Notebook From His 'Degrassi' Days Is Up For Sale

A notebook from Drake‘s early days, we’re talking Degrassi-era Drake, was recently put up for sale and all you’ll need is $54,000 if you want it for your own personal collection.
A worker from Drake’s grandfather’s furniture factory in Toronto uncovered the notebook almost ten years ago, but the book is just now popping up. Apparently, it was nearly thrown away but was saved at the last minute by this worker who thought to himself “this child star is going to grow up and become a huge rapper one day, I should hold onto this.” Or at least, that’s what we think he probably said.
The notebook is up for sale on MomentsInTime.com, a site that sells documents, letters and autographs from history, literature, science and pop culture. The site verifies all possible items up for sale and the owner, Gary Zimet, has said that it’s authentic due to the location it was found in as well as the signatures in the notebook, which are similar to the ones Drake uses currently.
The book contains around 12 pages of original rap lyrics, including his own spin on the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments” called the “Ten Mack Commandments.”
Drake’s latest song “God’s Plan” and the accompanying video are both smash successes, which features the rapper giving away nearly a million dollars to people in the Miami area as well as local charities and schools.
Take a look at the notebook and some original Drake lyrics here.

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