Hollywood Is Making A Movie About The Dude Who Came Up With Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are truly unlike any snack we’ve ever seen, as it’s risen from lowkey stoner food to something that restaurants have created entire menus around.
While I personally have actually never tried Flamin’ hot Cheetos, I have a roommate (and dozens of other friends) who swear by them as their munchie snack of choice. And it seems as though my baked friends aren’t the only ones who love this disturbingly red snack, because apparently, Hollywood does do.
Fox Searchlight studios have acquired the rights to the film “Flamin’ Hot”, which will tell the true story of Richard Montanez, a former janitor who created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in his kitchen.
via Variety:

Fox Searchlight nabbed the project in what was a highly competitive sale, with multiple studios vying for the project.
The film follows Montanez, the son of an immigrant, who grew up as a migrant farm worker picking grapes in the fields of Southern California before becoming a janitor at Frito-Lay. It was while working at the company that Montanez came up with the idea to create Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, transforming the Frito-Lay brand into a pop culture phenomenon and disrupting the entire food industry in the process. Now commonly referred to as the Godfather of Multicultural Marketing, it was that initial idea that would spark a billion-dollar brand and catapult him from janitor to elite corporate executive.
Franklin will produce the project through his Franklin Entertainment shingle. Lewis Colick will pen the script from the initial pitch, which he and Franklin developed with Montanez. Samuel Rodriguez will executive produce. Anikah McLaren and Taylor Friedman will oversee for the studio.

According to Eater, Montanez was inspired when a machine breakdown in the Frito-Lay plant caused a batch of Cheetos to go un-powdered. Montanez then took the rejected puffed-corn items home and made them into his own version of elotes, a popular Mexican street food.
There is no word yet on who is directing or who will star as Richard Montanez.

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