Savage Middle School Teacher Arrested For Railing Lines In Front Of Her Students

Cherish Rednour, a 41-year-old middle school teacher in Kentucky, was arrested and charged for allegedly crushing a pill into a line and snorting the powder all in front of her students. Rednour is a teacher at Menifee County Elementary/Middle School in Frenchburg, Kentucky.
Rednour was arrested by police on Thursday, February 23, after she crushed up and pill with a credit card and snorted it in front of her eighth-grade students. After snorting the pill, Rednour reportedly struggled to remain awake.
via Lexington 18:

Students told officials they saw Cherish Rednour, 41, crush a pill with a credit card and make a line with the crushed pill. Then they watched her snort the pill, whereafter she slumped over the desk and had a hard time staying awake.
Rednour was called to the office where she was confronted by the principal and sheriff”s department about the allegations. She was subjected to several Field Sobriety Tests, and was arrested shortly after. Sheriff’s officials proceeded to check inside her classroom, where they found a white residue on her desk and a credit card with residue.
When a deputy searched her at the sheriff’s office, they found a tampon applicator in her bra that “resembled a very small, cut straw,” according to the arrest citation.

Rednour, who was in her first year teaching at the school, is suspended pending further investigation.
She was charged with public intoxication controlled substances, first-degree possession of controlled substance, and drug paraphernalia buy/possess and is being held at the Montgomery County Regional Jail.

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