Will Smith's Domination Of Instagram Is Borderline Mesmerizing

If you’ve ever wanted a lesson in what charisma looks like, Will Smith’s Instagram is a full crash course.
You see, people have been sleeping on Slick Willy from Philly recently — myself included — and rightly so, as the dude has arguably not made a good movie in a decade:
Yet despite this, Smith has still been considered an A-list actor, and his Instagram is proof why: 30 years into his career, he remains endlessly watchable. In just 67 days, Smith has amassed 10 million followers and will probably hit 20 million by the time he’s 90 days deep.
Whether he’s shouting out his celebrity friends, playing with koalas at an Australian zoo, or dishing out life lessons, Will Smith’s Instagram feed has become a must follow due to his charisma. They say that some people just have “it” — whether it be athletes, musicians, movie stars, or everyday people — and Smith, now almost 50 and leaning into his cool Dad persona — still has it.


And how about that line he drops at the beginning of the video: “I’ve avoided it for most of my career because in the past to be a movie star you needed mystery and separation”? Just goes to show you how rapidly the world has changed and the role social media has played in that change.
No matter what his reasoning is, we’re just glad to have Will Smith on social media


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