NFL Free Agency 2018: Top 10 Defensive Linemen Free Agents

Despite their immense size and imposing girth, defensive linemen are actually some of the more athletic and versatile athletes on the field. Sure, some of these gargantuan defenders can make a decent living off of simply pushing around offensive linemen, but the elite playmakers at this particular position are almost always much more opportunistic. As always, the main goal of any defensive player that plays on the line of scrimmage is to attack the quarterback relentlessly. Even if a sack is not recorded, simply pressuring and flustering an opposing passer can be the difference between forcing a turnover or allowing a big play to occur. They may not be the most widely recognized or appreciated athletes on the field, but the physical grit and mental toughness that is required to be a stout defensive lineman cannot be overlooked.

10. Haloti Ngata

Once considered one of the best nose tackles in the league, the aging yet still effective Haloti Ngata is still an above average defender when healthy. Although he may not be the imposing quarterback rusher or opportunistic playmaker that he was when played for the Baltimore Ravens, Ngata is still capable of being an efficient lineman if only because of his imposing size and strength.

9. Shamar Stephen

Any player that played on the Vikings defensive line should be considered a top free agent this year. Although the overall numbers may not show it, Shamar Stephen was a bully on the defensive line as he was a constant nuisance when pursuing opposing quarterbacks. At 26 years old, Stephen is still coming into his own and should be able to garner a fairly lucrative contract in March.

8. Tyrunn Walker

Another relatively unknown defensive linemen whose career was revived last year with the Los Angeles Rams, Tyrunn Walker became tenacious when forcing turnovers and pursuing the quarterback. Given his youth and athleticism, Walker has a strong chance of becoming a well-paid lineman in free agency.

7. Dominique Easley

Underutilized during the first two years of his career in New England, Dominique Easly exploded onto the scene as a vicious tackler for the Los Angeles Rams as he could both sack the quarterback and force fumbles from time to time. Although it would be surprising if the Los Angeles Rams let one of their star defensive linemen walk in free agency, Easley has the all the leverage given his age (25) and his impressive production on the field last season.

6. Kyle Williams

Although he may be slightly undersized (6’1″) and near the tail end of his career, Kyle Williams has been an effective and cerebral tackler throughout his career. While he may not be the sacking machine that he was in his prime, Williams is still a reliable lineman that can consistently burst through opposing offensive lines.

5. DaQuan Jones

Versatile and athletic, DaQuan Jones has the intimidating bulk of a defensive lineman yet the speed and motor of a defensive end. Setting a career high in sacks with the Tennessee Titans last season (3.5), Jones has quickly become a frustrating assignment for offensive linemen to cover and should only continue to become even more dynamically dominant as he gains more experience.

4. Bennie Logan

After an incredibly unproductive season with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016, Bennie Logan emphatically proved on a one-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that he is still a tenaciously gifted lineman. Recording 52 combined tackles, Logan’s effort output on every play was spectacular, which should allow him to secure a long-term contract in free agency.

3. Star Lotulelei

Although Star Lotulelei may not be the most prolific defensive lineman from a statistical perspective, the veteran defensive player has one of the most relentless motors in the NFL. On top of that, Lotulelei is incredibly strong and especially tenacious when pursuing the quarterback despite being slightly undersized at 6’2″

2. Sheldon Richardson

At 295 lbs, Sheldon Richardson is a bit on the lean side compared to most defensive linemen. However, the elite defensive tackle more than makes up for it by being intelligent and aggressive when seeking the weaknesses in opposing offensive lines. Although he regressed slightly from a statistical standpoint in 2017, this should not deter NFL teams from signing what is one of the hardest working defensive players in the NFL.

1. Dontari Poe

At 6’3″ and 346 lbs, Dontari Poe is a formidable wrecking ball that is especially effective at playing the nose tackle position. His relentless physicality combined with his tremendous motor has allowed Poe to be a deadly tackler that is exceptional at collapsing the pocket around opposing quarterbacks. Simply put, Poe is an ideal anchor for a defensive line that wants to establish an identity of being both monstrous and determined at disrupting opposing offenses consistently.

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