Police Have Difficult Time Arresting Man Tripping On LSD Because He Was Covered In Cooking Oil

Of the things you probably shouldn’t do while tripping acid, getting naked and covering yourself in cooking oil is definitely towards the top of the list.
While everyone should be allowed to enjoy hallucinogenics as they see fit, it becomes a problem when you not only get naked and cover yourself in oil and also start attacking your family while doing so.
According to reports, Lonnie Beatty, 19, of New Apollo, Pennsylvania, was charged with one misdemeanor count each of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, following the incident which occurred in January.
Police say that Beatty had taken LSD on January 16 and then assaulted two women and three children in his home. When police arrived, Beatty tried to get back in the home and was shot with a stun gun, however, it didn’t seem to affect him.
via Valley News Dispatch:

A number of more serious charges were dropped after the alleged victims refused to testify or pursue charges against Beatty during his preliminary hearing Tuesday. Those charges were assault, recklessly endangering, terroristic threats, endangering the welfare of children and criminal mischief.
Police say the charges come after Beatty took the hallucinogen LSD, sometimes called acid, on Jan. 16 and lost control of himself before assaulting two women and their three kids. Court documents say Beatty “destroyed the house” before attacking the victims. According to police, the family dog bit Beatty in an attempt to protect the victims. Police say the victims hid in a bathroom before climbing out a window and hiding from Beatty in a parked car.
According to court documents, when police arrived at the home Beatty “came smashing out the front door naked only wearing one sock.” Police said Beatty was covered “in what appeared to be his own blood,” but that later turned out to be cooking oil.

Police say that because Beatty was covered in cooking oil, “attempts to gain control were difficult.” The victims told police Beatty was high on acid and that under normal circumstances “he would have never attempted to harm the kids.”
Beatty is currently free on bond.

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