Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts For People With an Unconventional Sense Of Humor

There are many ways to say “I love you.” If you’re anything like these people, it’s fair to say you might not take Valentine’s Day very seriously. While many succumb to the pressure of lavish gifts and fancy restaurant reservations, others see the holiday as a way to get creative. Sure, everyone appreciates chocolates and flowers but every relationship is unique and deserves its own unique expression. Not all of us are #basic.
If you need some inspiration for ways to think outside of the box this year, search no farther than the examples below. Here are some of the most unusual expressions of love this V-Day that the internet has to offer to inspire your own creativity this week.

1. Teddy Bear

Prepared a teddy bear gift yesterday for my gf, and now it looks like this from funny

2. For The Married Couple

Found a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day card for the husband from funny

3. For The Fine Diner

Girlfriend called dominos to send me a surprise heart-shape Valentine’s Day pizza while I’m on a business trip. from funny

4. Love Is Forever

Unbreakable love from funny

5. For The Gardner

I’m new to having an SO on Valentine’s Day… Am I doing this right? from funny

6. For The Pop Culture Fan

My Valentine’s card search for this year is over… from funny

7. For The Long Distance Couple

When your girlfriend gets you a Valentine’s Day gift from pics

8. For Your Favorite Teacher

Valentines day card from a student. from funny

9. For That Father-Daughter Bond

Valentine gift from my dad from funny

10. For The Budding Politician

This is what I got for Valentines from funny


Kari Jo Boll Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
Kari Jo Boll Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details
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