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Heather Bergsma, 28, born Heather Richardson, is an American speed skater who has competed since 2006. She is a native of North Carolina. She represented the United States at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where she finished 6th in 500 meters, 9th in the 1000 meters, and 16th in the 1500 meters.
At the 2011 World Single Distance Championships, she won a bronze medal in the 1000 meters. She also came in 8th place in the 500 meters and was part of the team pursuit team that finished in 8th place. On January 26–27, 2013, Bergsma won the gold medal at the 2013 World Sprint Championships. She has since won several world championship medals and garnered her placings at the World Cup.
Bergsma is the current world record holder in the 2 x 500 meters and the 1500 meters, as well as the current American record holder on the 500 meters distance. She also briefly held the 1000 meters world record in November 2015, and the sprint combination world record from 2013 to 2017.
She married Dutch speed skater and marathon skater Jorrit Bergsma in May 2015 and competed as Heather Richardson-Bergsma the following season. 
Heather Bergsma will compete in four events at her third Winter Olympics during the 2018 Winter Olympics.


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