Cornell University's ZBT Under Investigation For Alleged "Pig Roast"

Zeta Beta Tau at Cornell University has been placed on probation while the school investigates allegations of a “pig roast” in which “new members could accumulate ‘points’ by engaging in sexual intercourse with women.”
According to a report by the University’s Fraternity and Sorority Review Board, the new members of the fraternity were instructed not to inform the women of the contest. Furthermore, in the case of a tie, the member who had sex with a woman who weighed the most won.
While the report indicated that the contest allegedly occurred in 2017, it did not specify who was involved or for how long the contest ran. The brothers were made aware of the allegations in December before a hearing with the review board.
via Cornell Sun:

In response to the report, ZBT released a formal statement saying these events were not “chapter sanctioned activities nor ones that brothers were aware of.”
The release also said that the “allegations described are contrary to the values that Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity espouses and works in direct conflict with the beliefs and missions of the Kappa Chapter.”
ZBT will be on probationary recognition for two years and must fulfill other requirements, including a full chapter brotherhood and external review by its national organization. It also has to participate in programs like Sexual Assault Awareness Week and Cornell’s bystander intervention program. The statement confirmed the chapter’s intentions of following through with these requirements, stating “this inexcusable behavior will not be tolerated.”

In their official statement, members of ZBT expressed their “mutual disgust,” saying they are “horrified at the notion of the degradation and/or objectification of women.”
This was the latest fraternity suspension in the last year, as schools such as Indiana University, the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Texas State, Florida State, Ball State, Louisiana State and Penn State have all suspended fraternities.

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