Super Bowl 52 2018: Schedule, Predictions & Odds

This is it. What the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots have done since this moment is now, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant. For the Eagles, it has been a valiant battle of attrition as they have miraculously persevered through losing their star quarterback Carson Wents late in the season. While it would be easy and maybe justifiable to write off the Eagles because of who is currently starting for them under center (Nick Foles), one needs only to rewatch the drubbing this fearless Eagles put on the Minnesota Viking in the NFC Championship Game to realize this team is the real deal. As far as the New England Patriots are concerned, everyone knows the successful tale and legacy of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. As it pertains to arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Brady will attempt to achieve something that no player in NFL history has ever accomplished: earn a sixth Super Bowl ring. However, Brady will have to be particularly vigilant and quick-minded as he as to contend with a physical and relentless Eagles front seven that has been the best in the NFL since the start of the regular season. Who has what it takes to make the big plays at the crucial moments to win it all and become Super Bowl Champions? Let’s find out.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Time: Sunday, 6:30 PM E.T.
Location: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
TV Channel: NBC
Although the ferocious underdogs in the Philadelphia Eagles may appear to be at a severe disadvantage without Carson Wentz, consider what back up quarterback Nick Foles was able to do one of the best defenses in the NFL in the Minnesota Vikings. Completing 26 of 33 pass attempts, Foles was locked in and supremely confident from start to finish as threw for three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Better still, Foles emphatically proved that he could throw the deep ball consistently as the former Eagles starter averaged 10.7 yards per pass attempt. However, for the Eagles to be consistently successful against the Patriots, they will need to utilize their multi-faceted rushing attack to penetrate a below-average New England front seven. With the quickness of Corey Clement, the breakout speed of Jay Ajayi, and the downhill physical running style of LeGarrette Blount, the Eagles have all of the pieces necessary needed to baffle and beat up the Patriots up front. Combined with their number one rushing defense, the Eagles are built to exploit any team that lacks the strength and endurance to sustain their bruising style of football.
However, the Patriots possess a trump card that seemingly always find a way to overcome any adversity that is put in his way: Tom Brady. Just when the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars seemed like it was going to be outreach, Brady, the consummate pro, dug deep and fearlessly located both Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks on deep pass plays in the second half. The fact that Brady was able to pick apart a Jaguars secondary that has been practically impossible to consistently take advantage of this season was a marvel in and of itself. Going against an Eagles secondary that is solid albeit fairly average, Brady will look to score early and often to demoralize and Eagles squad that will look to smash the pretty boy quarterback during the opening moments of the game.
Without question, this is a game that requires you to acknowledge how you feel in your heart while using your head to make the pragmatic decision of who is actually the best team in this scenario. Although the Eagles have overcome a tremendous amount of adversity to get this far, the Patriots have the superior coaching and an elite quarterback that has proven to be deadly combination every year. The Eagles will keep this one very close and will force Brady to orchestrate a last-minute drive with kicker Stephen Gostkowski kicking a game-winning field to give Brady an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl ring.
Final Score: Eagles 23 Patriots 26

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Patricia Cummings: Full Story & Must-See Details
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