University Interscholastic League Realignment 2018-20: Full Story & Must-See Details



The University Interscholastic League has released its latest district realignment that will be put into effect for the next two school years.

Announced at the Region One Education Services Center in Edinburg, this ends months of speculation and straw polls for many coaches out there, ever since the UIL released each school’s enrollment numbers in early December. Coaches will also begin to finalize their 2018 and 2019 football schedules thanks to the new announcement.

Before the full realignment had been released, conference cutoff numbers were sent out, providing the range of enrollment for each of the six conferences.

The new alignments are developed according to enrollment figures submitted to the UIL by member schools in October. This will affect both football and basketball districts for the 2018-2020 season.

In a statement with The Monitor, PSJA Memorial coach Michael Uribe described how new technology helped develop the realignment:

“In the past, they used the map and the pins and the cords and kind of trial and error as they worked across the state of Texas to equalize the number of teams in each region.”

“All the information by classification is being put into a computer program that is measuring the time of travel, mileage and things like that. They are going to figure out all the different variables with regions and different districts. The UIL has never separated ISDs from other districts. For us, they always keep the PSJA schools together, so those are all things that have to get put into the program.”

Prior to the official announcement, PSJA North coach Marcus Kaufmann discussed how anything could happen:

“It’s a crap shoot for everybody. No one really has any idea what is going to happen until it does. Some of the coaches are hearing there will be a six-team district, an eight- and a seven-team, others are hearing there will three seven teams. We don’t know. We are all going to keep on talking about it, but it won’t matter.”

What are the new realignments?


University Interscholastic League Realignment Updates

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