Trade Insurance For Your Jersey Might Be the Best Thing Ever Created

If you’re like me, you clicked on this just to figure out what the heck I mean by Jersey Insurance. For clarification purposes, I am not talking about New Jersey but sports jerseys. Fanatics which is the #1 selling sports jersey company in the U.S. has offered a new deal to its customers. The deal is if you get a jersey and that player changes teams within three months of you getting the jersey you can swap it with their new jersey or for another players jersey on the original team for free! You have two weeks from the time the player is moved to do this, but holy crap is this a great idea!
“We found out that 25 percent of fans were worried that the jerseys they purchase would become obsolete,” said Co-President of Fanatics’ direct-to-consumer business. “So by doing this, this is a major paint point we are solving.”
This philosophy soft opened earlier in the NFL season when Saints fans returned their Adrian Peterson jerseys after he was traded to the Cardinals after just a handful of weeks. 90% of the fans returned their jerseys for another Saints player, but this new philosophy made them more likely to continue purchasing jerseys.
I have personally stopped buying jerseys of current players because I have what I call a “jersey curse” and it doesn’t matter which sport either.
Here’s an example of my jersey curse over the years:

  • Tiki Barber, Retired two month after I got it.
  • Brandon Jacobs, Released a month later.
  • Kevin Boss, Released three weeks later.
  • Ray Rice, Abused his wife
  • Adrian Peterson, Abused his son.
  • Antonio Pierce, Retired at the end of the year.
  • Calvin Johnson, Added the Jr. at the end a few months after I bought his jersey
  • Ryan Callahan, Traded a week after I got his jersey.

So because of all of that I now have two things, I have a closet full of jerseys I never wear and a fear of buying a jersey of my favorite player because they all either get traded, released, retire or do something awful that I can no longer wear their jersey.
I have always wanted a Landon Collins jersey from the second they drafted him, but I can’t get it because I feel like if I get his jersey, he’ll leave. This new deal is awesome, and jersey lovers around the country should be ecstatic that they can now purchase jerseys without fear!
Jersey fanatics stand up and check out this sweet deal that Fanatics is offering and don’t be afraid to buy that jersey now that you’re insured!

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