Rohan Oza Net Worth 2021: How Much Is 'Shark' Worth Today?

Many people may recognize Rohan Oza’s name from Shark Tank, but he’s been a businessman, investor and a mind for marketing for various brands since a very young age.

Rohan Oza Net Worth As Of 2019: $200 Million

Rohan Oza’s net worth is believed to be around $200 million. Keep in mind, I say that as an estimate. That said, there is one significant margin of error in these findings.
Oza does not like to publicly discuss his net worth. As he said in a statement with Business Insider, he takes more pride in the money he makes for other people:

“I know business publications like to talk about net worth but I don’t really like talking about it. You can make a guess from knowing I entered Vitamin Water very early on and the company sold for $4 billion.”
“When it sold, though, I didn’t want to retire, so I became a venture capitalist and be involved with products that I really connect with — like Vita Coco (coconut water), Pop Chips, and Bai (antioxidant infusion drinks). Bai itself is now valued at $500 million.”

The Early Years
Oza was born in Zambia to Indian parents, although he was raised in Britain. After studying at the Harrow boarding school, he attended and graduated from Nottingham University. His first job after graduating was in manufacturing management for an M&Ms factory. Wanting to get into marketing, he went to the United States to study at the University of Michigan in order to get his MBA.


After working for Mars, Oza went to work for The Coca-Cola Company, where his work his often attributed to increasing the popularity of Sprite and Powerade. According to Fortune, “I always wanted to work at Coke,” Oza once reflected, “I thought of Coke as the best brand in the planet.”

In 2002, Oza left to work with Vitamin Water; initially making the company a profit of $25.0 million, he found himself earning a salary of around $700 million a year in a few years. By 2007, Coca-Cola purchased the company in 2007 for $4.2 billion. Rohan returned to the company that gave him his big break and was even appointed Chief Marketing Officer.

In the ninth season of Shark Tank, Oza became a bigger media personality by becoming one of the guest sharks. Other guest sharks during this season included Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, TV personality Bethenny Frankel and former MLB star Alex Rodriguez.


Rohan Oza the shark showcased his bollywood dance skills on an interview with the ExtraTV.

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