Midtown Manhattan Shooting Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Three people have been injured in a shooting in midtown Manhattan following a shooting, although none of the injuries caused appear to be life-threatening.
The shooting likely occurred at 4:40 PM local time near Penn Station, around three blocks away from the Empire State Building. The three men were injured and sent to Bellevue Hospital. Two of the men were shot in the torso area with the third man shot in his arm; all three are believed to be in stable condition. According to The Wall Street Journal, one of the men was believed to be an unintended target, essentially an innocent bystander, possibly a tourist. Emergency responders and ambulances were at the scene shortly after the shooting.
No arrests have been made in this case. According to police, at least one suspect remains at large. The shooting seems to have been triggered by an argument. Police have also said to be looking for another man who was with the suspect at the time of the shooting. At this time, the investigation is believed to be ongoing.
On social media, NYPD spokesperson J. Peter Donald wrote the following:

“Earlier this evening, around 4:40p there were three males shot outside of 34 West 31st Street in @NYPDMTS. All victims were transported to area hospitals and are in stable condition.”

According to NBC New York, an unidentified witness gave the following account of the incident:

“I was passing by and I heard four shots. I was hiding like everybody; everybody was running around.”

Reportedly, the incident had also been caught on video; according to the footage, another man appeared to be holding his stomach but it is currently unknown if he was a victim of the shooting.
As this story is breaking, more information will be updated as made available.

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