Herriman Shooting Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Police are searching for a shooter in Herriman, Utah, south of Salt Lake City, as residents are being asked to shelter in place.
The suspect is believed to have been involved in a carjacking and later exchanged gunfire with an officer this Saturday morning. The officer was not hit and returned the fire. According to police, the male suspect broke into a nearby house and shot the homeowner, who is now in critical condition.
On social media, police asked residents not to reveal specific locations in their own posts, as it could put people in danger. They also revealed the suspect’s description as follows:

“Suspect is described as a white male with facial hair wearing dark clothing. If residents see anything suspicious in this area please call police immediately. Again lock all doors and stay inside your home. We will update when the shelter in place has been lifted.”

Eventually, the suspect stole a Nissan Murano to flee police. The vehicle was later found abandoned. Police later said that the stolen vehicle contained a firearm and the suspect now likely has two guns.
Update: According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the Salt Lake City Police Department is getting involved with the search:

“Lohrke said UPD is continuing to search for the suspect but the investigation has been taken over by the Salt Lake City Police Department due to the officer-involved shooting.”

“Lohrke said they have chased down reports of suspicious persons but nothing has panned out. A report of shots fired in the Herriman area came over the scanner earlier in the morning, but Lohrke said it ended up being someone hunting geese.”

Update: Fox 13 identified the suspect as 33-year-old Justin Gary Llewelyn. Sheriff Rosie Rivera have released the following statement:

“We are asking you to call us, turn yourself in, we want to make sure that nobody else is injured or hurt as part of this situation. We’re willing to talk to you and work this out, but please turn yourself in.”

The shelter orders for Herriman and Riverton have since been lifted.

As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made possible.

Herriman Shooting Photos

Herriman Shooting Updates

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