Florida Teacher Uses Hilarious Jacksonville Jaguars Photoshop To Teach History

Sometimes as a teacher, you have to do whatever it takes to get a young student’s attention, even if that means using a horribly photoshopped meme.

Wisely assuming that most of her eighth-grade students were likely obsessing about this weekend’s AFC Championship between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots, Jacksonville middle school teacher Amanda Swearingen edited an image of America’s founding fathers to include Blake Bortles, Leonard Fournette, Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith.

via Facebook:

“In an effort to disregard all things Patriot—This week in Ms.Swearingen’s history class, any founding father who was deemed a patriot during the American Revolution, has been photoshopped into a true hero. Go Jags!”

Swearingen, a Jags fan herself, told WJXT that she came up with the idea so she could put it on display during class.

via WJXT:

“We just finished the American Revolution last semester so I thought, ‘I’ll just throw this up and see if they get that I put Jags faces over patriots,'” she said.

Swearingen, who was among the crowd that flocked to EverBank Field last week to welcome home the Jaguars, acknowledged it’s been tough for her and students alike to focus on anything but Sunday’s AFC title game against the Patriots, which will decide who advances to the Super Bowl. She said she and two students, who also are die-hard fans, spend a few moments before class every day talking about whichever team the Jaguars are preparing to play. This week was no different — well, almost.

“When I told them this meme went viral, one said, ‘Does this mean we don’t have to take our unit test today?'” said Swearingen, to which she replied, “Nice try.”

Hopefully, the Jaguars advance to the Super Bowl (because screw the Patriots) so we can get more excellent #content like this.

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