Sean Payton Learned About Karma Against The Vikings

Sean Payton is one of the top coaches in the NFL.
He’s won a ton of games with Drew Brees in New Orleans and even took home a Super Bowl. The Saints had defeated the Carolina Panthers in the Wild Card round and were taking on the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota. Fast forward to the 4th Quarter; the Saints had just taken the lead after a 43-yard field goal by Will Lutz with 25 seconds left. All they had to is hold Case Keenum and the Vikings out of FG range, and they move onto the NFC Championship game. The Saints looked like they had secured the win. With only 9 seconds left in the game from their own 39, it seemed like only a miracle could stop the Saints from marching on. Sean Payton certainly thought the game was over! He was caught on camera mocking the Skol, which is the celebration for the Vikings.

For those of you who were watching the game, you know how it ended. I couldn’t think of anther situation where karma was so instant. For those of you who didn’t watch, ill show you the video.

This was one of the craziest plays of all time and the first ever 4th quarter walk-off touchdown in NFL Playoff history. The Saints were one guy keeping his head up and making a tackle from not only moving onto the next round but that is the whole thing being a nonstory. The facts of the matter are that Sean Payton got caught celebrating early and they lost if they had won I guarantee most people wouldn’t even bat an eye. No one will forget this play for a long time and I know Sean Payton will think twice before celebrating early again!

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