Norman, Oklahoma Active Shooter: Full Story & Must-See Updates Of Shooting

Two people have been shot during active shooter situation at a Norman business in Oklahoma. One person is reportedly in custody.

The shooting happened just before 2:30 p.m. at Bergey Wind Power Company on the 2200 block of Industrial Boulevard in Norman. According to reports, the suspect is the husband of one of the employees who was apparently confronting his wife at the company.

Police said that the unnamed suspect fired at an employee who attempted to intervene.

Two people shot during active shooter situation at Norman business; One in custody

— KFOR (@kfor) January 11, 2018

via KFOR:

Witnesses working in the building said they didn’t understand what was happening when he first walked in, thinking it was possibly a joke. But, she quickly realized who it was. Oman said she knew the couple was separated and are having problems.

“I was sitting at the front desk and he walks in and he had one of those gas mask things on so you couldn’t see his face,” said Gail Oman. “I didn’t really know who it was and he had a rifle in his hand and a gun on his side.”

“He just comes in and walked over to his wife,” Oman said. “Then she started to say ‘No, no Bill, somebody call the police, call the police!’ I ran down the hallway then and went out the back and got one of the guys, and one of the guys then called 911, but before I did that I heard a gunshot.”

Another employee tried to stop him, engaged him in a struggle, and shot him with the suspect’s own gun. Both the shooting victim and suspect were rushed to the hospital. Police said the suspect is in stable condition. The victim was taken into surgery.

The suspect’s wife was ultimately not injured in the shooting. Police have yet to publicly identify the suspect.

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