Altered Carbon, Netflix: Official Trailer & Release Date

Netflix has been working tirelessly over the past couple years to bring subscribers new and fresh original movies and shows each month. With their recent successes like The End of the F***ing World (which currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes) and the anime that the internet is obsessed with Devilman Crybaby, Netflix is building their 2018 to be a year full of fresh and new content to binge through.

Continuing the trend of a new “Netflix Original” show each month, Netflix is readying one of their largest (and most expensive) shows, Altered Carbon. The new sci-fi action thriller, which is reported to cost the streaming giant $6-$7 million per episode to make, is set in a futuristic reality where minds can be digitally stored and uploaded into “host bodies” after they decrease… making death insignificant. Starring Joel Kinnaman as a man who is brought back after 250 years of being dead and into a new body he does not recognize, he is tasked with solving the murder of the man who brought him back.

With a visual style reminiscent of sci-fi classics like Blade Runner and The MatrixAltered Carbon is looking to be Netflix’s first big step into the world of Sci-Fi/Action, and we couldn’t be more hyped! Plus, with all ten episodes of the show available to stream when it releases, you’ll sure to be sucked into this visually stunning and intricate world.

Check out when Altered Carbon premieres on Netflix.

Altered Carbon Viewing Details:

What: Altered Carbon
When: February 2nd, 2018
Time: 12:00 AM (PST / 3:00 AM (EST)
Where: Netflix

Telling the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a man whose mind has been digitally stored for over 250 years and is now brought back into a new body to solve the murder of a man who claims to own his new body. Now as he begins to trek out into this strange and colorful world with a body full of hidden talents, he slowly begins to realize things are deeper and more complex than originally thought while he digs for the truth.

Altered Carbon will premiere exclusively on Netflix on February 2nd, 2018. All ten episodes of the futuristic sci-fi action-thriller will be available for subscribers to binge through.

Altered Carbon stars Joel Kinnaman, Renée Elise Goldsberry, James Purefoy, Kristin Lehman, Martha Higareda and Dichen Lachman. The show’s pilot episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik and is written by co-screenwriter of the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel film, Laeta Kalogridis.

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