Joining a Sorority In 2018: The Pros & Cons of Greek Life

Joining a sorority is at the top of a lot of girls’ college bucket lists. Sororities can be a great way to meet friends that you will keep for a lifetime. Sororities can be a great way for girls to bond with people they never thought they would.
For some girls, sororities are a lifelong dream because they’re a legacy. For others, they only rush because their friends are doing it. Whatever the case is, sororities have their pros and cons.
It takes a lot of commitment to be a member of a sorority and it requires a good amount of time management.
Since there really are two sides to every story, here’s a list of some of the pros and cons of going greek and joining a sorority.

Pros of Sororities

Friends and mentorships: It’s so easy to feel out of place once you’re in college. You’re away from home for the first time, everything is new and in some cases, students feel alone. Joining a sorority is a great way to make friends and give students a sense of belonging. These girls are going through the same thing and in many cases, it’s easy to relate to one another.  Going to recruitment will give students a chance to meet people who are in the same boat as them.
Career connections: Sororities don’t end when you graduate college. Once students make the decision to join a chapter, they are instantly given access to a huge network of hard working, successful women of all ages and careers across the country. Most sororities have groups on LinkedIn or Facebook that help members connect with each other, and alumni.
Social events: Sororities hold several events every month in order to give members a chance to get together and bond. There’s also formals and crush parties where sororities and fraternities get to know each other. In some cases, chapters pair up with one another and host themes events or parties. This gives sorority members a chance to get to know people outside of their own chapter.
Housing: Most sororities require students to live in their chapter housing, which in some cases is a step up from dorms. This depends on what school you attend.

Cons of Sororities

They’re not free: Money is one of the most common reasons that people choose to stay away from Greek life. Sororities are required to tell students what the membership dues are but usually try not to get too deep into it before getting to know you. The first year is usually the toughest since that requires initiation fees on top of everything else.
Chapter matching: Sometimes it can be tough to find a chapter where you see yourself fitting perfectly. Greek life isn’t for everyone and sometimes students visit multiple sororities and don’t like any of them. If you can’t find a sorority that fits you, there are so many other activities and clubs that might work.
Stereotypes: One thing that’s common about sororities across the nation is the stereotypes that come along with them. Typically when people think of sororities, stereotypes come to mind and their not always the most flattering. Although everyone has their own sorority experience and it doesn’t take a certain “type” to be involved, dealing with the stereotypes isn’t easy
Dangerous behaviors: Just like fraternities, sororities are commonly involved in a lot of partying and drinking. Hazing, which commonly takes place during the rush week for new pledges, is notorious for heavy drinking and parties. While this is a huge pro for some, it can also be dangerous and can lead to physical risks for those involved. Not to mention, underage members face the risk of alcohol-related legal charges if things get out of hand.

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