Golden Globes 2018 Red Carpet Photos: Best & Must-See Pictures

The 75th annual Golden Globes Award ceremony honored the best in film and television in 2017. Broadcasted live from The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, the show did not disappoint.
If you’re anything like me, award shows can sometimes bore you. They aren’t always the most exciting events in some cases. What never gets old, however, is watching the endless beautiful (and some not so beautiful) red carpet looks from the event.
Many people thought the Golden Globes red carpet was boring due to all of the black dresses seen during the night. Dakota Johnson, a presenter for the event, stunned in a black gown along with many others. Ricky Martin walked the red carpet in all black as well.
Some of the celebrities seen on the red carpet are coming together and supporting the #TimeIsUp movement. #TimeIsUp is a movement meant to show support for women and men who have been silenced by sexual harassment, discrimination or abuse. Some celebrities on the red carpet are wearing black to support this movement.
Nick Jonas, Mandy Moore, and so many other celebrities walked the red carpet decked out in black, although not everyone spoke out about their reasons.
Kerry Washington walked the red carpet dressed in black and discussed how proud she was to be able to stand up for a cause like Time Is Up.
Although a lot of people are taking this movement as a political one, the celebrities on the red carpet of the Golden Globes seem to be using it just as a way to stand together for something that is important to everyone.
No matter who you are, luring around on Instagram looking at everyone’s red carpet looks never gets old, right? Maybe that’s just me. Either way, here’s a bunch of the best Golden Globes red carpet photos for you to enjoy.

Golden Globes 2018: Best Celebrity Instagram Photos
Golden Globes 2018: Best Celebrity Instagram Photos
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