Two Dudes Try Out All Of The World's Hangover Cures

Coming from First We Feast, the dudes who bring us Hot Ones, comes an entirely new mind game of a food show: trying the world’s hangover cures.
No matter where you go in the world, whether it be to your next door neighbor’s house, or across the globe, someone will tell you that they know they cure to hangovers. Greasy food and coffee, Advil and water, bong rips and Gatorade, no matter who you are, you have your own remedy.
However, no matter what combination of cures you may mix together, the result remains the same: if you drank enough, the hangover will persist, no matter what you do. Hangovers are the epitome of God’s ironic sense of humor, and they are going to exist as long as alcohol does.

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