Colorado (Of Course) Police Department Makes Hilarious & Poorly Edited "Fugitive Feud"

Whatever you gotta do to get the bad guy I guess, right? Got to give this police department credit for ingenuity, as they’ve essentially achieved what their goal was: virality. The easiest way to catch a criminal is to get their face out there and now this little Colorado town has a New York City-based website writing an article about their suspects. That’s social media 101, kids. The (probably high) intern or officer who came up with this idea definitely deserves a raise.
The Durango Police Department in Colorado is using the premise of “Family Feud” in an effort to identify suspects on the run.
On their Facebook page, the DPD allows the community to play “Fugitive Feud” by listing the top suspects and their identifying information as if it were on the television game show. Like I said, ingenuity at it’s finest.
According to The Durango Herald, Cindi Taylor (ah! so it wasn’t an intern!), the officer who made the video, said the idea behind the video is that it’s a new take on the weekly wanted posters released by the department.

“I wanted to create something that would capture the community’s attention more than the wanted poster,” Taylor said.

via The Durango Herald:

“We use it (social media) to educate our community on crime trends and encourage citizens to report crimes,” Taylor said. “We often try to use humor in our videos and posts to try to engage our community more.”
DPD must often walk the line between funny and offensive, and the intent is never to make light of a serious situation with the videos, Taylor said.
“We try not to push it too far, but we can’t please everyone all of the time,” she said. “It is a good way to engage with people, and a lot of us see bad things in our job as police officers, so humor sometimes helps with day-to-day things we see and deal with.”
Taylor said DPD will continue to post weekly wanted posters but will also release new episodes of “Fugitive Feud” monthly.

In this ever-changing world of 2018, you either need to adapt or fall behind. The Durango Police Department adapted.

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