Monday Night Football: Potential Replacements For Jon Gruden

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All of this is hypothetical for the time being, but with increasing belief that Jon Gruden will end up leaving the MNF crew for a job with the Oakland Raiders we are forced to look at who might replace him if he decided to leave. ESPN will explore a ton of options to fill the highly coveted job, they will range from former players to other networks broadcasters. So I went through and put together the guys I would most like to see as the new color commentator of MNF.

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee was the punter for the Colts for 8 years before retiring last year to join Barstool Sports. In his NFL career he reached the Pro Bowl twice but he was more known for his comedy and crazy personality. During his playing days, Pat would actually do stand up comedy because he just loves to make people laugh. He has taken this to the next level at Barstool with the multiple podcasts he does including “The Pat McAfee Show” and “Laces Out”. If you haven’t listened to these I 10/10 recommend you give it a listen, you’ll be rolling on the floor in laughter I promise. Pat has also done a great job attracting an audience by breaking down Punts on Twitter. Normally no one would watch that but Pat is just so funny that it becomes a must watch of any NFL Sunday. Overall I think Pat McAfee has the personality and charisma to take this job to the next level. He’s already threw his hat into the ring!

Jay Cutler

A lot of you might remember that before accepting a 1-year deal to play QB for the Miami Dolphins Jay Cutler was supposed to be the new color guy at FOX. Jay Cutler has developed a rep of not giving a crap about anything, but, apparently, he loves playing football still. Too bad his on the field performance this year was lackluster so odds are his best shot at being around football is in the booth. I think ESPN is going to try and stick with the latest announcer fad aka the Tony Romo effect by going with a recently retired QB. Jay is also the centerpiece for one of my favorite memes on the internet, The Cutler Cig

ESPN will basically take whatever person they think will make the “biggest splash” and why not take the guy who is the subject of a million internet memes. C’mon ESPN give this guy a chance!

Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner is a Hall of Fame QB who is currently working for the NFL Network on a variety of different shows. Kurt brings just as much energy to the TV set as he did the football field and he’s pretty darn good at both of them. Kurt does have experience as a Color Commentator filling in for Chris Collinsworth on several occasions for NBC. I think Kurt would be the dynamic personality ESPN would need to fill grudens shoes but he also brings a ton of knowledge of the game. The main thing they will try and do is make sure they get a “name” to fill the spot. Kurt Warner fits that bill all the way, everyone knows Kurt Warner. I think this would be the safest pick for the job but we”ll see what ESPN does.

Peyton Manning

I put Peyton as 4th on this list just to make sure you guys didn’t stop reading after him. Peyton Manning should be the first person they call if Gruden leaves. forget Dunkin Doughnuts America on Runs Peyton! Seriously during his final season in the NFL you could not turn on the TV without seeing that 10 foot forehead! I love Peyton and I think he would fill in great! People seem to love when Romo predicts whats going to happen during the next play, well lets just say Peyton will blow him out of the water. Peyton Manning was literally known for knowing what play was going to be run! Add that horrible sense of humor that makes the you laugh even though you don’t want too and you got yourself a gold mine! ESPN don’t be dumb! Sign my boy Peyton!

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