Cheap Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends 2017: Top 5 Best Presents

If there’s anyone that’s harder to shop for than girls, it’s guys. Unless there’s something specific that your guy is into, you might have a little trouble finding the perfect gift. A lot of nicer gifts for men are more on the expensive side, adding to the struggle.
Most people think shopping for a guy is easy, until they realize that those really nice sneakers he wanted will actually cost you an arm and a leg.
If you’re looking for some good gift ideas that won’t break the bank, look no further. This list is full of items that your boyfriend and your wallet will love!

1. A wallet

Although you might thing wallets are expensive, and some of them are, you can absolutely get a nice wallet within budget. You can get wallets at Target, Macy’s and even Walmart. You can even get this Tommy Hilfiger wallet for just $12 on Amazon.

2. A money clip

Going hand in hand with a wallet, is a money clip. Some guys hate carrying around a big wallet and prefer to keep their cash in a smaller money clip. There are tons of different styles and brands of money clips that you can get from many different places. Some can even attach to the back of an iPhone, making them even more convenient. Check out these money clips on Amazon.

3. A tie

Guys can always use ties, that’s for sure. Whether they need them for their job, or for special occasions only, a nice tie can always come in handy. Although some can be more expensive, a lot of places sell ties at a pretty decent price. Ties come in all different styles and colors giving you a plethora of options to choose from. Check out these nice, but cheap ties from Target.

4. Concrete coasters

Okay so maybe guys aren’t always into home decor, but a set of concrete coasters would be perfect for his man cave, while still satisfying your need for nice decor. These coasters can be made as a cute DIY project, or you can buy them for only $10 here.

5. Pocket tool kit

Guys love tools and they always come in handy. A small, pocket tool kit that he can keep in his car is the perfect gift that will be sure to stay within your budget. Check out this cheap pocket tool kit on Amazon.

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