Texas A&M Instituting "Sexual Assault Training" For Incoming Freshman

Texas A&M University has decided to require students from all levels and campuses to take part in mandatory online sexual assault training program called Haven.
According to A&M officials, Haven is an online training module for students, faculty, and staff to help educate about and prevent sexual assault. Tracey Canalog, the Program Director at Sexual Assault Resource Center at A&M, worked together on the training as part of the sexual assault survivors services committee led by Kristin Harrell.
The Haven training program will teach students what they should do in the case they see something happening or they themselves are involved in such events and follows the Green Dot training modules already on campus.
via The Battalion:

“A lot of people don’t know what is really available to them, they don’t know the rights that victims of violent crimes have…so part of this training is to let the students, faculty and staff know that there are resources both on and off campus,” Canalog said.
Heaven follows about the resources available to them and how to help their fellow Aggies.
“There’s a lot of great things happening on campus to reduce risk, but also these are some things you can do as a friend,” Canalog said. “That way if they turn to you and say ‘this is what has happened to me, I don’t know what to do’ that you as their friend would be able to point them in the right direction as well.”

According to Texas A&M, the Haven training is given in two parts, with a mandatory 30-day break in between.
Failure to complete the training will result in a registration hold being placed on the student’s account.

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