Melinda McGillivray Photos: Must-See Pictures of Donald Trump Accuser

Melinda McGillivray appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on the morning of Tuesday, December 12 to accuse President Donald Trump of groping her when she was 23-years-old.
According to McGillivray, who was interviewed by NBC host Megyn Kelly on her morning show NBC today, Trump groped her 13-years-ago in 2003 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.
McGillivray claims that she was invited to attend a concert at President Trump’s Florida estate by her friend Ken Davidoff, who was working as a photographer at the event. In the interview, McGillivray says that she was backstage with Davidoff, Regis Philbin and his wife, Ray Charles, as well as President Trump and his wife, now the First Lady, Melania. Then, McGillivray says Trump groped her.

“The next thing you know, I felt a grab on my right side. I quickly turned to look at what this is, initially think this is Ken’s camera bag, but to my surprise it’s Donald. He’s standing a foot and a half away from me so his hand had to reach out and touch me,” McGillivray said.

McGillivray continued by saying that when she looked in President Trump’s direction, he was “looking stone cold” at Ray Charles. Kelly asks McGillivray to clarify, asking if President Trump “grabbed her rear end”. McGillivray responded:

“On the right side, so I turned to look up at him. And he’s just standing there, didn’t even acknowledge me, if he had accidentally nudged me he could have said excuse me, but he said nothing. He knew what he did and I could see it on his face, the look of guilt.”

McGillivray eventually got emotional, calling for an investigation by the ethics committee.

“This is a powerful position, this is a powerful man. I was scared, intimidated, hurt. I still feel the brunt of this situation, these circumstances,” she said.

President Trump has yet to respond to McGillivray’s allegations.

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