Demons Don't Discriminate: Kendall Jenner Suffers From Sleep Paralysis

We bring you this article today on a predictably slow December Friday, partly because there is not much going on in the world today, and partly because I have a couple of friends who suffer from sleep paralysis and I want to send them this article. Sup boys?
Anyway, as far as my boys tell me, sleep paralysis is no joke. Every single one of them hasĀ told of a similar experience, and each experience sounds like the worst thing you can imagine.
Unable to move but being fully conscious, door’s opening, a “presence” near you — of the three friends that I know who have suffered from sleep paralysis, all of them reach the same conclusion: demons.
Yes, this is the part where your eyes rolls (mine did too), but then I did a little research and discovered this doc on Netflix calledĀ The Nightmare. And guess what?

Yup, sounds pretty similar to the terrible tales as told by my friends. So at this point, it’s essentially fact that sleep paralysis is caused by demons.
And that’s the thing about demons, they don’t discriminate. They don’t care if you’re rich or poor, white or black, skinny or fat — they’re gonna haunt your f*cking dreams regardless.

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