25 Johnny Manziel GIFs To Celebrate His 25th Birthday

Today, December 6, 2017, is none other than Johnny “Football” Manziel’s 25th birthday.

A “what could have been” if there ever was one, Manziel flamed out of the NFL after just two seasons due a litany of off-and-on-the-field issues. Did getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns — the sports franchise equivalent of an STD — help Johnny Manziel become all he could have been? Of course not. But that doesn’t excuse Manziel for pissing away what could have been an exciting NFL career because truthfully, the kid had all the talent in the world.

But before the rocket ship that was Johnny Football crashed and burned, he was one of the most electric athlete’s football had ever seen.

So, with that (and by that, we mean Johnny Manziel’s former undeniably electricity), we rounded up some GIFs of the Man Formerly Known As Football to celebrate his 25th birthday.

Happy birthday, Johnny. We miss you.

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