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South Park Mall Shooting


Police are responding to reports of a shooting at Southpark Mall, also known as South Park or Colonial Heights Mall, in Virginia.

Details are unclear at this time, but it is believed that the victim was shot in the chest near a PacSun at the mall, and is expected to be treated at the VCU Medical Center. Police are searching the mall for suspects, but a description is not available at this time.

Update: According to ABC8 News, police have confirmed that there is no longer an active threat at the mall, which will resume normal operations within an hour. The mall had been on lockdown shortly after news of the shooting came to light.

According to NBC 12, Lt. Kilfer with Colonial Heights police confirmed that the victim, who is believed to have endured life-threatening injuries, knew the suspect. The suspect ran from the scene and is currently being searched for by police, although the mall has been evacuated and police do not believe there is any threat to the public. At this time, however, police do not currently have a motive for the shooting.

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