When I Grow Up I Want To Be This Kid Who Took This Weatherman’s Segment Hostage

Pure chaos from WLBT Mississippi.

As a news organization, having a child take your broadcast hostage might as well be a death sentence. There are thousands of assholes spewing the news and weather at us every day, why should we tune into the one that promotes anarchy?

Now, while the news station might as well self-immolate at this point, this kid needs to be showing this video to every kid at his school, because he’s well on his way to the popular crowd. Kids love farts, hell, adults love farts, so getting to drop one not only ON television but ON the clueless news reporter standing there is an accomplishment. Even when this little dude is in college, he’ll be able to bust this out at parties and get a good laugh. Farts, much like love, are timeless.

People thought The Joker was an agent of chaos? His Dark Knight antics are child’s play compared to this young savage. The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules, and this kid knows it.

Happy Friday everyone. Be as reckless as this kid this weekend.

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