Fraternity At Cal Poly Forced To Apologize For Squad Picture

Any dude who’s ever been a bro knows there’s nothing, NOTHING, like an epic squad pic.

You see, guys aren’t like chicks, who hold a mini photo shoot for themselves every time they go out. And forget about getting a picture of just yourself — any dude willing who requests someone takes a picture of them, and them alone, either plays for the other team (shout out Seinfeld), is too obsessed with Instagram, or is a relative of Patrick Bateman.

If a guy is going to get a picture to throw up on Instagram, it’s usually going to be a squad pic, especially if it’s one this epic. So I think it’s actual bullshit that snowflakes (yes, me, a relative liberal using the word snowflake) forced these bros to apologize … for essentially minding their own business and taking a squad pic.

via The Tribune:

A spokesman for a suspended Cal Poly fraternity apologized Wednesday morning for an end-of-year photo they acknowledged depicted “appropriated cultural and ethnic identities of our peers.”

In it, the students are wearing a variety of costumes, including several in overalls, one in what looks to be powder blue pimp suit and another in a sombrero. Many commenters thought one of the students was wearing a Native American headdress, but it’s actually a colorful dreadlock-style cap from Disneyland. Several of the men in the photo also are holding firearms. The group is posing behind a banner that reads “TRUMP — MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

“The brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho-Chi Chapter would like to apologize for any discomfort caused by our end-of-the-year costume photograph. We as a fraternity take full responsibility for the lack of regard taken when dressing up for this photograph. The tradition of our end-of-year photo will not appropriate cultures in the future. We respect the diversity that exists in our chapter and at Cal Poly and will be more thoughtful in all that we do moving forward and how that can impact others,” the statement read.

The apology comes after a university spokesman said the school was aware of the photo and that the university’s Dean of Students and Greek Life offices planned to speak with the chapter about the picture.

Alpha Gamma Rho was previously suspended through spring semester due to violations of the university’s alcohol and drug policy and was previously suspended after an alleged sexual assault was reported in December 2014.

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