This Wild Footage Of Bullets Whizzing Past A Child’s Head Is Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

Is this some sort of guerrilla marketing campaign for Better Call Saul? This entire thing looks/feels/plays like a scene out of the Breaking Bad universe.

Let’s start with what’s happening: a little girl, adorably dressed in all pink, is prancing around a tattoo parlor lobby in Chandler, Arizona, while one of her parents presumably either gets or gives a tattoo. As a child does, the girl just seems to be bopping along in her own world, when suddenly, a hail of bullets whiz past her head.

Miraculously, she was not hit. I don’t know about you, but this seems like an early Heisenberg scheme gone wrong to me.

And if that isn’t Breaking Bad enough for you, just check out the mugshots of the arrested suspects. They just look like they’d be boys with Jesse Pinkman. Hell, the dude with the tattoos looks like the heroin-version of Skinny Pete.

Via Chandler PD:

23-year-old Michael David Hart arrived at the Damaged Ink Tattoo located at 590 N. Alma School Rd. with 21-year-old Rafael Santos and a third unidentified Hispanic male, for a tattoo.  Around 11:00 A.M., a verbal dispute broke out between Hart, Santos, the unidentified male, and the tattoo artist.  Hart was asked to leave the parlor and return at a later time.

After leaving the tattoo parlor, Hart, Santos, and the unidentified male entered a vehicle.  As this vehicle began to drive away, Hart allegedly fired at least three rounds from a firearm, in the direction of Damaged Ink Tattoo.  Instead of striking the tattoo parlor, the rounds struck the Paisanos Barber Shop located next door.  Two of the rounds struck the front window of the barber shop, narrowly missing a four-year-old girl who was watching television

Hart was taken into custody at a residence in Mesa.  Santos was arrested a short time later at a different location.

Both Hart and Santos were booked into the Maricopa County Jail on charges of aggravated assault and endangerment.

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