Tennessee Volunteers New Head Coach: Top 5 Options After Butch






The Tennessee Volunteers Head Coaching job has been one of the hottest topics in college football in recent weeks. Greg Schiano was prepared to be the next HC but then Tennessee pulled their offer back after backlash from their student body and on social media. Now that the job is open again Everyone has a different guess who the next coach will be. But after what went down with Schiano candidates will be a little more hesitant before taking this job. Let’s take a look at who has the best shot of landing the head coaching gig at Tennessee.

Jon Gruden


Grumors are whipping around at record high speeds and all roads point to the Tennessee Volunteers Head coaching job. Jon Gruden’s name seems to come up every time there is an open head coaching sport open wether that is in college or the pros. This year the rumors seem stronger than ever, there has been multiple instances where Gruden has hinted at the job. Lets list off all the “coincidental” things that have happened.

  1. He’s been in Knoxville Tennessee for 3 of the last 4 home games
  2. He randomly brought up how much he loves the Tennessee Fight Song during a radio interview.
  3. He’s had several meetings with the schools AD in Orlando FL

These are just the main contributing factors. Granted its all speculation at this point, but I can tell you one thing for sure Tennessee students sure want Gruden to lead their team next season. Despite rumors saying Gruden turned down the job I still like he is very much in the mix.

Lane Kiffin


Lane Kiffin once upon a time was the HC of the Tennessee Volunteers. He then quit after 2 years and went and became the HC at USC. When he left he left a bitter taste in the entire fan bases mouth. But with bad hire after bad hire they’ve had enough 1,500 students have signed a petition to try and get Lane back. Kiffin remains adamant that he will remain at FAU and continue to take that program in a positive direction. But Tennessee is a very tempting offer especially because he has all the leverage in this situation. Keep your eye on the Lane Train Rocky Top

Kevin Sumlin


Kevin Sumlin was fired from Texas A&M after a lack luster 7-5  start to this season. Sumlin enjoyed a lot of success with the Aggies and his firing came as a shock to most. Regardless Sumlin can coach and no one is gonna deny that he had a career record of 51-26 at Texas A&M who also play in the SEC. Sumlin makes a lot of sense here, he knows the conference every well, he’s had success, he’s a good recruiter, and fan bases generally like him. I’m sure he would love a chance to coach again right away.

Scott Frost


Scott Frost is one of the hottest young coaching candidates in college football. He has completely turned around UCF and has them at an astonishing 12-0 after taking down 11-1 USF last week. Frost would be a great fit for Tennessee he is a guy who is familiar with the area for recruiting, bring new energy to a team that is in desperate need of an energy boost, and best case scenario he can easily be their coach for the next 10 years. If Scott Frost is willing to leave his job at UCF and become the Volunteers new coach Tennessee would be dumb to not welcome him with open arms.

Rejected List

Here’s a list of all the people that turned down the job:

  1. Jim Bob Cooter, Detroit Lions DC
  2. According to Lane Kiffin Kim Jung Un, Dictator of North Korea
  3. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State HC
  4. Jeff Brohm, Purdue HC
  5. David Doreen, NC State HC
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UNM Student & Pike Fraternity Brother Stabbed & Killed By Younger Brother
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