COED x Antonio Brown: Celebrations, Campbell’s Soup & Boomin’ Business


More than halfway through the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers sit amongst the top of the NFL’s elite having lost only two games this season. COED got the chance to sit down with All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown to talk football, Campbell’s soup, touchdown dances, and business (which is boomin’).

Antonio, along with Luke Kuechly and Dak Prescott, currently stars in a new series of Campbell’s soup ads where he fills in so you can fill up. The spot features AB taking a man’s spot on move-in day so that he can eat some soup. Brown hinted that new versions are coming soon with both him and Luke.

The commercials might be entertaining but the show hasn’t stopped there for Antonio this season. Already with over 1,000 yards on the season, Antonio put on an iconic performance Thursday against the Titans reeling in over 140 yards and 3 touchdowns. Multiple players have taken stances against Thursday Night games, the criticisms focus on lack of rest for the players and the league being overly greedy. AB praised coach Tomlin saying, “not going full speed, not having that hammer thrown. It keeps you fresh” highlighting him as a major reason for his success.

This year, not only are the Steelers winning, but they’re having a blast while doing it. Le’Veon Bell and rookie JuJu Smith-Schuster captured national spotlight multiple times this year with hilarious celebrations including hide and seek, an elaborate bench press, and throwing dice.

Antonio hasn’t gotten in on the fun as much this season (remember him twerking last year in the end zone?), but don’t worry, because he promised COED that he has some dances he’s waiting to bust out. Just in case he gets cold on the sideline we collaborated on making a Campbell’s soup touchdown celebration, a fill up while he fills up the statline.

Off the field and outside of the kitchen, AB told us he watches a lot of YouTube videos which inspired his next project. Boomin Productions, Antonio’s company, is in the process of creating informational videos for the next generation of football players. In this series in the making Antonio teaches you how to read a defense, the proper way to run routes, and all the nuances that go into leading the league in receiving yards (again).

Antonio Brown, always the professional and a charismatic person, just keeps doing his thing. Torturing defenses, loving the game he plays, and whatever he wants in between. Keep an eye out for Brown’s Campbell’s Maxx Soup (AB’s favorite is the bison), his company’s videos, and especially Brown for the rest of the season.

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