Parks Mall Shooting Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Reports have come out of an officer-involved shooting at Parks Mall, also known as The Parks, in Arlington, Texas.
The mall is currently believed to be on lockdown after the shooting took place around the area of the mall’s food court, taking place sometime after 4:30. While some people had been evacuated from the area, other people took shelter within stores.
At this time, police have not confirmed whether or not the shooting had taken place or if there had been any victims. However, the Arlington Police have released the following statement on social media:

Anyone at the Parks Mall is able to go to their vehicle. The incident is under control The Parks Mall has closed so please avoid the area. Follow instructions from First Responders if inside the mall.

This notably occurred around the time a shooting had also happened at Galleria at Crystal Run mall in New York, with two people being injured.
Update: The Arlington Police later released a statement on social media confirming that the incident was not an active shooter incident, adding that the situation was under control:

One suspect involved. No suspects outstanding. This is NOT an active shooter incident. It’s related to an offense.

According to Dallas News, Lt. Christopher Cook later confirmed that the incident involved an off-duty police officer shooting and wounding a man suspected of theft. The suspect in question was believed to have had an imitation gun. In a statement, with KXAS-TV (NBC5), Cook explained the officer’s actions:

Officers cannot make a distinction between the two, especially … in a split second decision…You have an officer trying to detain an individual for a legitimate offense … and then he makes a decision to pull an imitation firearm out. You can’t do that. You’ll get this type of response.

Cook also explained that the situation could have been worse due to the number of people shopping:

You saw a lot of people that were upset, crying, kids misplaced from their parents, people sheltering in place, because you don’t know nowadays.

Parks Mall Shooting Photos

Parks Mall Shooting Updates

As this story is breaking, more information will be updated as made available.

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